Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Triplets, The New Twins

We use to have twins with the goats more often than anything else.  It seems like this year triplets have taken over. 
 In 2013 we had 7 sets of triplets.
 In 2014 we had 11 sets.
 So far this year with around 8 more left to kid, we have had 15 sets of triplets.  And that is not taking into account the 2 sets of quadruplets.
 Some nannies are great about keeping up with 3 but others just cull one out and won't let it nurse any.  Sometimes one gets weaker than the others and doesn't keep up.
 Plus, being goats, they really only have the equipment for 2.
So this is what has been happening to the rejects, off to the dog pen in the barn.  I am  up to 8 bottle goats now.  And let me tell you, feeding time can be a little bit crazy.  Plus, we have one nanny that is somewhat off recently so I'm sure I'll be feeding hers this afternoon.  Anyone want a baby goat?


Mrs Shoes said...

OMG, I can just imagine the chaos/cuteness!!!
Though my only sorta similar experience is with dairy calves who were taken off the cows right away & raised in a pen in the milk barn, learning quickly how to drink straight from the pail (though we did have a few little ones that needed a bottle for a few days first).
Your goat herd must be pretty big - what do you do with all of them? Sell many? At weaning? Please don't be mad at the question, but do you use any for meat at all? I'm just curious/nosy.

Anonymous said...

My mom LOVES bottle feeding baby goats, we did it a lot back in the day. This would be her dream come true. hahaha

Kim said...

I love bottle baby goats...until they get older and they still need their human momma!

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