Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Ride And Then Some

Well, the title is technically true, it was a weekend just last week.  We had  too much other stuff going on this weekend to ride much.
 So last Sunday J took off on Brother and I rode Otoelene around our 3 mile loop.
 Emma went with us and about 1/2 a  mile into the ride she digs under a fence and pulls out a squirrel.  (already dead)
 She was very pleased with her find and carried it for a mile before leaving it at the gate to our farm.  I don't know if she ever went back for it or not.
 Brother was a little uppity about half way through so J did some weaving in and out of the trees.
 It wasn't long before Brother decided to start listening again
  and bending nicely through the turns.
 Otoelene just stood and waited patiently for her brother to start behaving.
As we finished our ride we saw a cow starting to calve.  After a little while J checked it again and saw she was not making any progress.
So off she went to the barn to get checked.  The calf was coming forward but it was upside down with its head off to the side.  It was just a matter of putting the chains on, crossing them over and lifting and pushing on the head while J pulled on the crossed chains to get the calf flipped up and into the right position.  
A little more pulling and he was out.
There is always something to do around here.
Kid count - 13

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