Tuesday, May 19, 2015

4-H Skills Testing

A couple of years ago they added a new hoop to jump through for the kids to show at the State Show in September.  Now the riders have to pass a 2 part skills test.  This is in addition to declaring the project horse before May first and showing in a District show.  Thankfully, E didn't have to do it again this year.  Once the test is passed with a horse you don't have to do it the next year.  E already has Pep, Hank, Otoelene, and Bother tested.  So this year I just needed to set up a test for the 5 new 4-Her's from our club that want to show this year. 
Apparently there was a need for a test day because we ended up with 12 4-Her's from 4 different counties. 
 There was a little bit of everything, gymkhana, and gaited,
and western pleasure.  We had a little rain storm in the middle but who hasn't had to work on a horse in the rain before.  Everyone passed, but my group does have a lot to work on before September so I'm sure we will have a few arena days between now and then.

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