Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cattle, Horses and Goats

  We had no telephone service here for 3 days last week so no internet which meant no blog updates.  After a fixed broken wire in the phone company's box, we are now back in business.
 We were going to move cattle on horse back yesterday so J caught Brother.  His shoes had just been reset on Monday but by Friday one was bent.  He spends more time out of commission because of his shoes than any horse I've seen.  So J decided to give Hank a chance.
 I think they got along pretty well.  We got another group of cows and calves across the creek.
 And we got the 4 young bulls turned out on some better pasture.
 We are feeding 10 bottle goats and they are a pain.  They stay in the dog pen in the barn at night. Then in the morning after we feed them we turn them out with the other goats.  The problem is if they ever see us they come running.  It is really hard to get anything done with 10 goats running around your feet trying to suck on your pants.
We haven't had a chance to deworm all of the nannies yet so J has been catching the ones that look wormy and treating them individually until we can get the whole herd up.  The goat hook has really come in handy for this and J is a pro at using it. 
 And 2 of our previous bottle goats have kidded.  Frosty had a single,
and Chocolate had a set of twins.  Always something happening around here.  Maybe we're done with the triples for this year.
Kid count - 70.

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