Friday, May 15, 2015

Goat Banding Time

We are pretty much done kidding and it was time to round them all up and band the billies and deworm the nannies.  
 The hardest part is making the barn leak proof.  Those little ones can squeeze through about anywhere.
 J waded in and grabbed the kids.
 Sometimes one at a time,
 sometimes two.  I would band the billies then shoe them out the door.  E was the gate keeper.
But sometimes she would grab one too.  With all of the kids done it was time to move on to the nannies.  J thinks he hurt his back wrestling with a few of them.  Two got by and there was no getting them back.  We'll just have to watch and catch them with the goat hook if they look like they are having problems.  Now they just have to eat weeds, grow and get fat so we can sell them in the fall.

1 comment:

CDH said...

Like wrangling calves! Except lower to the ground.
Love E's outfit! :)

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