Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More From A Busy Saturday

Here is a little more of what went on here last Saturday.
 V and her boyfriend Mike were visiting so of course we had to go feed the bottle goats to get in our allotment of cuteness.
 After much prying we finally got out of E that she was going to the prom.  This information came out on Friday night.  The prom was Saturday.  Long story but Saturday morning she decided to go shopping for a dress to wear to the cookout.  None of the 10 perfectly fitting dresses suited her.  She chose the 11th dress that needed alterations.  So, get home, fix dress.
 Now we need a dress for the prom.  Luckily, V still had her prom dresses and E picked this blue one.  However, E is 2 inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter that V was so, yes, more alterations.
 V consented to fix E's hair and did a wonderful job with the curling iron despite burning her hand in the process.
 This is V in front of her new apartment.  Yay for V being home to help.
 Don't forget, Saturday was the beehive day too.
 Then my sister A and her son M stopped by for a visit.  A had  not ridden a horse in 35 years but after losing 100+ pounds she was anxious to get back on.
 She rode Pep and even did some cantering.  Just like riding a bike, but maybe a little more sore the next day.
 Mike, back to V's boyfriend, had never ridden so he took a spin on Hank.
 Hank and Mike were content to just walk around in the barn for a bit.
 Then J got on Hank, me on Otoelene, and A on Pep and off we went for a ride around the farm.
 What a great experience to be able to share.
Then we ended up with nephew M down at the barn for the evening bottle goat feeding.
Whew, I need a nap.


Alica said...

Thank goodness for Moms who are handy with a sewing machine! :)

Ian H said...

No wonder you need a nap! I miss my horses!

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