Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ol" Jessica

Jessica Rabbit started out as V's hunter show pony 9 years ago.  She has since morphed into J's endurance horse.  She is much more suited to the latter and caused much frustration as the former. 
 But on V's last weekend before she starts out on her new career, she consented to go riding with me and rode Jessica.
I think one of the last times she showed her, Jessica laid down in the lineup.  I don't think V has a lot of fond memories of showing  Jessica.
 Most of V's riding on Jessica had been in the arena or on trails.  Jessica as a younger horse was pretty high strung and flighty in the open so V was a little apprehensive about going all over the farm.  She hasn't really ridden Jessica since J's put in hundreds of miles in endurance training.
 V found out Jessica is a different horse.
 Oh, she can still be a handful, but now she can also be good.
I think V was pleasantly surprised.
And I sure enjoyed our ride together.


Ian H said...

Nothing like building memories!

Crystal said...

Yay glad she could remember her horse being better now, some horses are just suited better for some jobs, sounds like endurance is her strong suit

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