Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Putting Company To Work

 V and her boyfriend for visiting for a couple of days after graduation.
 Anyone this big and strong visiting a farm is at risk of being put to work.
 We had a new section of fence built a few years ago but the didn't take out the old fence and where they put a gate, 3 trees were blocking the hole.  When I rode Otoelene out there this morning I thought that would be a great job while Mike was here.
 J and Mike worked on cutting the trees down, sawing them up and stacking the wood.
I worked some on getting the old fence out.  I didn't get very far but a least it's not blocking the gate anymore.  I really hope we all didn't get poison ivy which was growing rampant through here.  
And V took the pictures with her phone since for some inexplicable reason I didn't bring my camera.  Now I can go through the gate when I'm riding or with the 4 wheeler to spray rosebushes and thistles on the back 40.


Alica said...

That's right...put 'em to work! :) It's always good to have some extra strong shoulders and backs around the farm!

Crystal said...

I could use some muscles like that around here some days. Nice to get the gate cleared out.

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