Monday, May 11, 2015

Wonderful Weekend

A couple of years ago for Mother's Day V and E got me a blackberry bush.  It has since multiplied and was starting to get out of control. 
 So this year for Mother's Day, J set out to tame the blackberries.  While he was doing this, E was being a wonderful helper with other yard and farm stuff.  (sorry E, no pictures, we were too busy working)
 Even though this is a garden, the soil is not very deep and digging post holes is no picnic.
 But J's might prevailed and he managed to get 2 posts in and now I have a wonderful blackberry trellis.
Then on Sunday, V came for a visit and surprised me with a new grill. (I do have to share it with J for Father's day however.)  Our current grill was a wedding gift from 26 years ago.  I guess it was time for an upgrade.  Mike did a great job breaking it in by grilling some delicious porterhouse steaks. (home grown of course)  What a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Shoes said...

Gardening veg & fruits is my newest obsession & Mr Shoes has been kept quite busy custom building various & sundry gardening-related contraptions for me; he'll be glad to know he isn't the only husband whose efforts are so appreciated.

C said...


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