Saturday, July 18, 2015

In Bloom at the 4R's

We have been having a wonderful season here at the 4R's.  The flowers seem to have really been enjoying all the rain.  I have a variety of lilies in bloom.  
 Here is a Star Gazer Lily.
 There are several day lilies.

 And some tiger lilies that I got my first start from my grandmother shortly after moving here.
 I even have a volunteer sunflower even though I haven't planted any in several years.
 I planted the zinnias next to the houses this year instead of in the garden.  There were a few volunteers in the garden still but they aren't taking over like I've let them in the past.
 And the pink ones are always my favorite.
 I just love all of the pinks and purples in my border garden.
 I know this isn't a flower but it was so pretty I had to include it.
I just planted this little peach tree on the bank last fall and it managed to produce its first year.  I'll have to let you know how they turn out.  It is suppose to be a super sweet


Ian H said...

Very pretty! Yp here we would call it a whole bunch of deer candy. most of those have to be behind a fence.:-{

Mrs Shoes said...

I have 5 kinds of lillys growing, all different colours. I love that they self seed; I started with 10 plants & now have 43 with lots more room for them to continue to spread. I also like that they transplant relatively well. I love it when people give me new plants from what they are splitting!

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