Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hokie 1/2 Marathon, Year 2

This year's Hokie 1/2 Marathon was totally different from last year's. (see here).  First off, it was a month earlier, not 45 degrees or pouring down rain.  
 I did have a similar camera malfunction.  As soon as I saw V coming toward the finish line, I turned on my camera only to be greeted with the dreaded words "Change Batteries". (I have to get a new camera)  By the time I got it turned off and back on V was past and almost done.  That's her in the orange shorts and white shirt getting ready to cross the finish line.
 Despite the better weather, she was 10 minutes slower than last year but in much better spirits and condition.  She also had not been training as long or hard as last year.  
 Uncle M also ran and crossed the finish line just 10 minutes after V.  He is only 1/2 way through his training program for a run in South Carolina in November.
 Happy smiling faces after 13.1 miles!
 Then it was rest and refueling before heading back to the house.
We were glad to see Mike, V's boyfriend there to support her too.  And aunts L and A both did the 5 K and crossed the finish line together for a tie.  Way to go runners!


C said...

Thanks for the update!

Crystal said...

Wow, I did a 10K and that was all I had Id have died if I had to do 13 miles. Way to go V!

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