Sunday, September 13, 2015

State 4-H Horse Show 2015 Day 1, Arrival

Since E is at college it was up to me and J to get Pep and all her things to the show.  E was driving up Thursday after class.  
 Since it is not my project, we delivered a dirty horse with a scraggly mane to E.  She didn't seem to mind the dirt and was happy we were there.
 With the help of the other club members and familys (the ones that showed up anyway but that's another story) the stall decorations were put up in no time.
 E saddled up and took Pep out for a test ride.
 Sound as a dollar, or maybe more so.  I'm not sure that saying is what it use to be.
 Then it was to the wash rack.  In 9 years we have never convinced Pep to step into the close by indoor wash room.  We always have to go the the end of the show grounds to the outdoor spigot.
 Since E's first class was showmanship at 8:00 the next morning she took Pep into Waldron Arena for a little practice.  Pep performed the pattern perfectly in practice.
 Then it was on with the pajamas and ready for bed.
 I did stop by the silent auction tables, they were loaded.
I'm afraid Wrangler's painting will be overlooked in all this chaos.
Stay tuned for day 2.

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C said...

Can't wait to hear about day 2...

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