Friday, September 25, 2015

Too Toxic

 I have a spot where I throw yard and garden waste over the fence.  It's behind some trees and bushes so not visible from the house or yard.
 This is in the horse field but the goats are in and out all the time as well as cattle on occasion.
The vines are dead now, but you can see the remains of a gourd type vine.  
This is what I was able to harvest from the trash pile.  J's comment was, 'that must be pretty toxic if 3 species of livestock and all the wildlife refused to eat it."  Note that he said nothing about what a pretty arrangement it made.


C said...

That is funny. J's observation would not have occurred to me. My reaction was to think that it was cool that you could harvest such a nice looking gourds with little effort.

Mrs Shoes said...

Just wondering, how much $ did Wrangler's artwork get @ the 4H deal?

Crystal said...

Haha Men, they just have no idea. I have never grown gourds, but pumpkin and squash grow well here so maybe I should try them.

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