Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amazing Finds

I had my annual required 16 hours of  continuing education this weekend and as a bonus was able to visit with my sister C at her house with sister L going along for the ride.  Our second evening after my class was spent hitting all of the local Goodwills and thrift stores we could make it to before closing.  I scored some awesome finds.  (a few that may not be made known until Christmas however)
 First up is this super cool poster advertising the 1992 Carolina Cup Races.  It measures 20"x26", is professionally framed and I got for a shocking $5.
Next was this fabulous jacket.  The picture doesn't do justice for how it fits and looks in person.
 I even found a picture with the original price of $195.  C said it looked sort of blingy but when I put it on she said "wow, that really looks good on you."  Thank you L for finding it and showing it to me.  Now I just need a special event to wear it to.  J said I could be a country music singer...if only I could sing.  Oh, and my price....$4.50.   
And lastly, who expects to find an opthalmascope/otoscope at Goodwill?  And for $15?  This is a $200-$400 piece of equipment.  Now I can play a real doctor at home as well as at work. 


Virginia Reasor said...

I like the horse picture. What are you going to use the medical stuff for?

C said...

Super! That was a successful venture. Come again soon.

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