Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bridge Repairs

The property we bought last year came with a bridge.  It also came with 4 new timbers to repair the bridge with.  
 It is a very good bridge, just a few rotten spots.
 Luckily for us, V has a big, strong boyfriend willing to come help us.
 V supervised while J and Mike worked.
 J had plans to take the generator to run the drill to make the holes for the bolts but we couldn't get it running.  Therefore, they had to resort to hand drilling.
 For part of the work J had to put on his waders and work on the underside of the bridge.
  With all the rain I think we all felt like we had been in the creek without waders.
Here's to good help and a job well done. (and I didn't have to lift anything heavy so yay for that)


Alica said...

Thank goodness for strong back and willing hands! Looks good!

50+ Horses said...

Nice bridge and a job well done!

Crystal said...

That's a cool bridge, unlucky to be the one underneath the bridge to fix it though.

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