Thursday, October 8, 2015

Honey Harvest

Well, J donned his new bee suit, 
 and headed for the bee hive.
 He cracked the lid,
 smoked the bees,
 and started removing the frames of honey.
 There are 10 frames in a super and toward the end the bees were a little more reluctant to leave the frames.
After shaking and brushing the bees off, J moved the frames one by one to another super that we then carried to the house.
We had added a second hive body earlier this year.  This will be the first winter with 2 hive bodies instead of one.   Hopefully next year we will be able to put more supers on and get more honey.  


Alica said...

Fascinating! I'm curious if he ever gets stung, despite the suit? I hope you post more about this you do anything to the honey, or eat it as is, etc...

Crystal said...

I sure like honey, but not sure I want the bees

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