Monday, October 19, 2015

How To Enjoy Fall Colors

Well, obviously the best way is on horseback.  
 J and I took off for a ride on Saturday.  The weather was perfect, 50's and sunny and NO FLIES!  J has been wanting to do a 50 mile ride and is toying with trying one in South Carolina in November so he is trying to keep/get Jessica in shape.  He as never done a 50 and we are thinking it would be better to try on flatter, smoother ground and in cooler weather than the ride we do here in August.
 Part of our ride Saturday had some beautiful views.
 Plus we got a glimpse of our farm through the trees.
 The leaves are starting to change and there were some beautiful colors, reds
 and yellows.
But Brother had a different way of enjoying the fall foliage.

1 comment:

Mrs Shoes said...

Your pictures are really just so lovely.
I'm looking forward to hearing how the 50 goes.

If you ever are really searching for a topic to write about, maybe something about how to decide if the horse you already own (as opposed to advice for someone going out looking to buy specifically a distance horse, I mean) is cut out (or not cut out) for long distance.

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