Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Work, Work, Work

V and Mike came here again last weekend to help work cattle.
 It's really wonderful to have such good help arrive.  (but it does involve more trips to the grocery store)
 I mostly got to stand back and take pictures while they sorted the cows and calves.

 I did give the shots and we have one cow with a crooked horn we have to tip every year or two.
 Then it was time for the calves.
 J and Mike did the castrating while V got the supplies ready.
 I gave the shots again and Mike did the ear tagging.

We did have an unusual number of calves that wanted to stick their heads through the side of the chute instead of the head gate.  It is sort of like a child getting their head stuck in the stair rails, easy in difficult out.  But all in all a good morning, pleasant weather and wonderful help.


Crystal said...

Lovely to have help on days like that. and if all the reqiure as pay is a good meal its perfect, we do the same but we have neighbors come over, not kids.

Ian H said...

That appears to be a busy day! It also looks like that young lady may be a keeper! :-}ff

Mrs Shoes said...

We sure do appreciate our son helping us out with chores, & with a willing heart!
Our daughter says she had to move so far away so that she wouldn't have to shovel anymore shite; I keep saying how she really moved for university & she still has to shovel through the occasional load of shite, it's just not as easy to identify anymore. ;-)

Michelle said...

Always nice to have some help!

TexWisGirl said...

organized and efficient helpers. :)

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