Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wrangler's Second Foot

Despite having a buyer all lined up for Wrangler, he is still here.
Bad horse angle I know, but beautiful view and lighting-I couldn't resist
The horse that hasn't been lame since I got him 2 years ago has been lame since this buyer has been wanting him.
Three weeks ago the bottom of his left hoof looked like this. (that's a drained abscess in the 2:00 position.  
Now the outside of his right front looks like this.  Just when he was sound from the left hoof and I was to call the buyer, he came up 3 legged lame on the right.  I had the shoe pulled but neither the farrier or I could find anything on the bottom.  I took a week before it started draining from the coronary band.  He is still lame but at least now he is walking on it and now hopping around on 3 legs.
 I've had him just on bute once a day now.
 I crush the tablets with this handy mortar and pestle that came with a chemistry set my sister had from 40 years ago.  It really does a great job.
 The current binding agent I'm using is banana creme yogurt.   I think he liked the strawberry better though.
 After mixing I put it in a syringe,
 that I've cut the tip off of.
 Then it's outside to capture the not so unsuspecting horse.
Now the fun part.  I think he's giving me the hairy eyeball.
It's a race now to get him sound before my buyer finds another horse she likes better.


Virginia Reasor said...

maybe it is a sign you should keep him

Mrs Shoes said...

If I were the Buyer, I'd be holding out waiting for Wrangler. Not because he is a talented artist, or even be cause he's well trained & handsome, but because I'd know for sure that he'd arrive sound as a dollar.

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