Monday, November 2, 2015

Closing Gates

Yesterday we were able to turn a 5 minute job into an hour and a half job.  J had a couple of gates to close after moving the cattle again so we made it into a job for riding the horses. 
 The horses really have the best view on the farm.
 And I cannot believe how green it is for November.  (We had snow this time last year)
 Jessica took a try at getting a hold of a hedge apple.
 J wouldn't let her keep it and she looked longingly at the great feast of them on the ground while J closed the gate.
 J has decided against taking Jessica on another endurance ride this year.  It really is a lot of work keeping one in shape for that.  Plus, with the shorter days he would most likely be finishing in the dark if he tried a 50 and I don't think that was appealing to him.
Then when J got off to close the next gate he took my camera and I have a picture of me riding Otoelene with more than just her ears showing.  I can't think of a better way to spend a nice Sunday afternoon.


Ruthlynn said...

So glad to see you wearing a helmet. So many on trails never wear helmets. I also like your sun visor. Glad you are keeping it safe.

Alica said...

What beautiful countryside! I'm sure it was fun spending time on horseback on a beautiful day.

C said...

Living the dream...

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