Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Finally, Some More Horse Stuff

All this getting ready for Christmas has made it difficult to work in some horse time.  But with E home from college I was hopeful she might want to ride.  So when she said she was going to ride Pep today I jumped at the chance to ride with her.  
 The weather is unbelievable, 65 degrees and NO WIND.  The horses have all taken advantage of the rain and mud and have covered themselves completely.
 After much brushing we were finally ready to head out.
 I picked Otoelene because I just wanted to enjoy the ride with no drama.
 We just finished watching the movie Unbranded (highly recommend).  I think this could be a scene from the movie.
 I finished up by catching Wrangler for a couple of paintings.
 My boss ended up buying FIVE paintings so Wrangler needs to get busy to replenish his portfolio.
I'm really liking his technique on this one.

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