Sunday, December 13, 2015

Foggy Morning Feeding

We sorted out the calves that will be going to the feedlot next month and J has been getting them started on eating grain. 
 They learn pretty quickly that the truck is bringing breakfast.
 Sometimes they get a little rambunctious and scoot the troughs around.
 The fist few days J would have to go around and herd them up to the feed.
Now they come running.
It's been unseasonably warm so far which has lead to some foggy mornings too.


Michelle said...

The same weather for us. Foggy mornings and warm afternoons.

Crystal said...

We did that one year with the yearling heifers, they sure learn fast to come running when they see the truck coming. We too have been having fog, today it never came in till after 10 and is still here at 3 in the afternoon, its weird

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