Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tree Preview

Here's a little hint of my decorations this year.
I think I might finally get to keep this horseshoe candle holder.  Although, someone from one of the parties that didn't end up with this really, really, really wants one.
And the stocking are hung.
We're ready for some visitors.
And here's a new thing this year.  I had a bare corner (image that, bare, how did that happen).  Anyway, I thought, "tall branches would look nice."  So to the yard with some pruners and now the red twig dogwood is minus 3 limbs.  J wanted lights on it so now not so bare.  Pretty cool I think.  


C said...

Truly stunning - WOW!

Crystal said...

Very nice! I love your fireplace with the stockings. And how creative with the lights on the branches.

Michelle said...

I like those branches in your bare corner. I may have to copy that idea!

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