Friday, January 29, 2016

A Few Snow Pictures

The absences is not my fault. My internet connection was lost on Sunday.  My internet provider promised a new modem to arrive on Tuesday.  If the modem was not the problem then it would be a call to the phone company and another 3-5 days.  They called last night to see if I had gotten the modem.  No, I had not.  They thought it might have gone to Pennsylvania.  It finally arrived today and yes, that was the problem so no waiting on the phone company and we are back online.  But I missed out on posting my snow pictures. 
I think Emma enjoyed the snow. 
And Bumble and Bea just took it all in stride, shaking it off when necessary. 
 The cattle were a little restless waiting on J to arrive with their hay.
 The horses turned their noses up at the hay to start with and preferred digging in the snow for what grass they could find.
Since most of our farm lays to the south, we have lots of bare ground now but the snow was pretty when it arrived.


Alica said...

Pretty! I like Emma's nose!

Mrs Shoes said...

The dog pics - so cute!

Crystal said...

Hmm snow looks good in pictures, but I'm ready for it to be gone

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