Sunday, January 24, 2016

Just Kit Sunday #95

Luckily, we ended up at the lower end of the snow estimates here with just 13 inches.  
 Kit Kat put on a brave face when I put him outside.
 After a short survey of the area,
he decided that the better places to walk were where I had just shoveled.
But better still would be back in the house.  


Crystal said...

Good to hear you aren't overwhelmed with snow, that's hard for me to imagine getting all at once.

Mrs Shoes said...

13" is a pretty monster dump, especially for areas not accustomed to much snow at all. Sounds as though you made it through without any major snafus or disasters so that's good - now all that's left is to let it melt(hopefully not all at once).

Fiona said...

Smart Cat! We have yet to get barn cats but we do have a very pampered cat. She was with Ralph when he drove tractor trailer and does not go outside. She adores the wood heat!

Alica said...

Me thinks Kit Kat is very, very smart! (at least he ventured outside...our chickens still won't go more than two feet outside their shed...and then only because I bribed them with a couple of ears of corn!)

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