Friday, January 22, 2016

Our New Beef

Yes, that is the noun beef,  not the verb.  No new complaints, well maybe several but I'll save that for another time. 
 This was one of our best looking steers when we weaned them a couple of months ago.  Shortly after weaning, J noticed this one limping.
His left rear fetlock was swollen and at an odd angle.  Since he was still weight bearing I didn't think it was broken but he certainly wasn't sound enough for the truck ride out west.  I think there might have been a luxation or subluxation at the fetlock.  As it is, his is staying in the barn lot eating until he gets fat.  Then if all goes well we'll have a full freezer later this year.


Crystal said...

Good reason to eat him, no one eats the hocks anyways. We always picked a dry heifer but now we don't keep any so we are buying beef, its not the same.

Mrs Shoes said...

'Beef' is a good name for hamburger on the hoof!

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