Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good Fences #111 and Sweetwater Day 5

A two fer day, first the fences then the horse. 
 J and I were checking cattle this week when I saw a starling fly out of this fence post.  So of course I had to look inside.
 Way down there, there are 4 pretty blue eggs.
 Then I couldn't resist the view in the other direction of the fence continuing out of sight.
 Not a whole lot to report on Sweetwater since I didn't have all that much time to work with her today.  She is still improving on letting me approach, she is good with brushing for the most part but still terrified of the rope.  I am really wanting to get her more desensitized to it before I try to snap it onto her halter.  At the stage she is at I know she will go ballistic.
I managed this after she spooked herself and spun around twice while I was letting one end dangle over her neck.  After spinning the rope trapped itself around her withers and shoulders.  She ran back and forth bouncing off the walls until she finally realize the the pressure would stop if she stopped.  It is so frustrating that every little thing just sets her off.  And her one reaction to everything is to run.
Then I see that trainers # 1 and #2 are both riding hers now.

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Breathtaking said...

Hello!:) What smart Starlings, ha ha!!:)) I hope the chicks do well. Nice find, and great fence finds. I hope your horse will lose his fear of the rope very soon!:)

Tanya Breese said...

i love the view of the eggs!

LV said...

You did great on snapping the eggs. I hope in time your horse will realize you are not going to hurt him.

C said...

You definitely have many more challenges with your mustang than the others you are checking on. That has to be hard.

Mrs Shoes said...

That fence post birdsnest is so cool, what an amazing picture!

You really have to stop comparing your progress to the others, it's pointless & sounds disheartening.

How about leaving Sweetwater in halter & leadrope (in a safe pen or stall where it can't get hung up) & lwet her drag it around, self-correcting every time she steps on it, for a day or so. I've seen this method used to help halter break foals.

In a more interesting article, I also saw horses attached to donkeys to halter break & lead train them! *Donkey wears a surcingle which horse's leadline is then attached to - obviously again, in a safe, enclosed area.

Small City Scenes said...

Love the pasture fence. Kinda like our fence out in the back pasture.
We found eggs in our grill---birds!

carol l mckenna said...

Love the critter shot and that nest with the eggs is awesome ~ great photos!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

TexWisGirl said...

poor, sweet wild thing!

love the fence post nest!

Michelle said...

What a sweet nest!

Ida said...

What a great nest they have inside that fence post. Hope the horse calms down for you soon.

aurora said...

Glad to hear you are making progress with Sweetwater! You are doing the right thing, more rope work & exposing them to her in whatever safe way you can, the less reactive she'll be. Look at how far you've come together already!!

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