Sunday, May 15, 2016

In Bloom at the 4R's and Sweetwater Days 15 & 16

They're here, 
 the peonies are starting to bloom.
 Just a few for now but in a few days it should be glorious.
 The Siberian irises are very dainty.
This is some sort of defective bearded iris.  I have never had one that looked like this before.
 This rust is the normal color of the irises in that location.
 And the coreopsis are in full bloom
 Saturday morning I had to get Sweetwater in the barn so J could get in a heifer that was having trouble calving.
 V helped and we ended up being able to pull it by hand, no calf jack this time.
You can see Sweetwater was very interested in the proceedings.
 When I went back later in the day I found her with the halter now broken.  This had been a new halter at the start of this adventure.   It took some work but I was finally able to get a web halter on her and actually buckle it from the left side.  But I still have a lot of difficulty approaching her to snap on a lead rope.  So I still just basically work her without one.
 Today I did a lot of work with desensitizing her to the rope.  I was able to get it around her middle and put pressure where a girth would be.  She took it ok, no bolting or bucking.  She still acts like she would like to charge me.  When she does this I make her back up then send her off to lunge some more.
 And I was able to comb a lot of her mane out.  She is starting to look better anyway.


C said...

The flowers are beautiful. Good progress with Sweetwater.

Crystal said...

Oh sounds like real progress now, and cool she was interested in what you guys were doing with the cow not just hiding

aurora said...

Maybe you should have named her Houdini ;) hopefully the buckle halter stays on! Glad her training continues going in the right direction & she let you work on her mane. My iris are blooming too, love them. They are easy keepers.

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