Monday, May 9, 2016

Sweetwater Day 10

HUGE day with Sweetwater today.
 I think dragging the lead rope for a day really helped calm her with ropes.  It is not too much trouble now to get a rope over her neck.  I twisted it so she couldn't duck out and get away.  She even has started to lead a little.
 Then she let me touch her nose.  That was a first!  She got pretty comfortable with me rubbing her face as long as I stayed below her eyes.  Then in the afternoon I spent some time just sitting on a bucket in the lot with her.  She slowly worked her way toward me over 30 minutes just inching a little at a time.  She ended up coming within a foot of  touching me.  It is really hard to sit still on a bucket for that long.
 Then with some patience and ingenuity I was able to get the halter back on, without any pharmacological assistance.   You may notice it is tied on the right instead of the left.  In the barn she is much more comfortable with me working from the right.  So I tied a piece of twine to the headstall and let it across over her neck like I had been doing the rope.  I was then able to get the nose piece on and tie the halter.  It was a little tricky but she managed to hold still.
And I was even able to remove her tag/number.  She is now officially Sweetwater and no longer 8303.  Officially in my book anyway.


C said...

Great job! I was not expecting you to get the halter back on so quickly. Big progress.

aurora said...

Yeay for you & Sweetwater!!! I really like this pretty girl. When those scared eyes soften, there is kindness. I bet having bucket butt was worth it!!

Mrs Shoes said...

When it gets tough again (& it will), breathe deep & remember this feeling(!) because Sweetwater has had a huge mindshift thanks to your persistence & patience.
There is a lovely mare inside of her, just waiting on enough kindness & encouragement to come out.

Crystal said...

Yay! Knew you could do it, and quicker than I expected too. Something good come of having her drag the lead rope :)

Kalin said...

Awesome job!

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