Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sweetwater, Day 21

It's been three weeks and we are finally making progress. Sweetwater had another big day today.  
She started off having to go to a new to her part of the barn so we could work some cattle.  First, I lead her around in the new space then stood with her to let her relax.  Then she got her breakfast there so she was pretty settled before the cows and calves came in.  I sort of think she enjoys having something interesting to look at.  
By the way, this is not the kind of paint you want.  
 Then, since she had done so well yesterday with the flagging, I thought it might be time to try her outside of her lot.   First, we had to get through the gate and over the log that keeps the goats out and then into the pen next to hers that is about 3x as large and with a hill.
She got a bit uppity so I had to do a little lunging until she settled back down.  
She was even brave enough to drink out of the tire trough.  
Then, if you can believe it, I took her out of the lot and up the hill to the outdoor arena.  The fence is not very tall so I was worried that if she spooked she might just go over, but she never and much of an issue.          

The video is right after we got into the ring.  She wasn't listening completely but did better than I expected.  
I let her do some grazing.  I'm not sure she has ever seen this much grass since she has been in a holding facility for the last 4 years. 
I tried to introduce her to some clover but she wouldn't even taste it.  She preferred the grass seed heads.  
And then amazingly, she followed me all around the 12 acre field that the arena is in.  Back at her lot we did more flagging, mane combing and no pictures, but I worked her with the saddle pad.  Progress is definitely being made.


C said...

It is great to see so much progress.

WendyFromNY said...

Hallelujah! Nice work! I guess the more she learns, the quicker she will pick up the next idea? It's all downhill from here!

aurora said...

Wow!!!! That was a giant leap, full of lots of wonderful progress! I am so happy for both of you!!

Crystal said...

Yay so much progress!

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