Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sweetwater Day 4

We have gotten about an inch of glorious rain but that has turning into some nasty mud for the barn lot. 
 I ran around in it with Sweetwater for a while until she apparently got tired of it and ran into the barn.  I thought this might be a good idea so I shut the door to keep her in.  
 She was very agitated to start with, running back and forth, looking through every gap and pawing at the door.  This is just our cattle working barn.  I don't have any stalls at my indoor arena.  I was hoping once I could lead her we could move her out of this one up to my new barn, maybe setting up a round pen she could stay in then.
 She finally started to settle down and actually took an interest in Emma.  That is about as interested in anything she has been since getting here.
After quite a bit of work I was finally able to touch the halter.  She is still terrified of the lead rope so I didn't make much of an effort to snap it on.  I am still just rubbing her with it and trying to get her use to it dragging around on the ground.  About 1 time out of 3 that I put pressure on the halter she would give to it.  The other times she would spin and run away.  
I was encouraged that when I opened the door she stayed to eat and didn't dart out.
In the afternoon I was able to brush her.
Can you see how shiny she is.
 I still don't have a clue what to do with this mess.
I ended up with patting her all over.  She is very touchy around her shoulders still, but I can brush mostly everywhere down to her knees and hocks and ever her belly.  I also don't have to sneak up to her as much.  I have to walk slow, but it is not all the start and stop like yesterday.   Is it possible to train a horse without ever getting a lead rope on it?  I guess I would have a head start if I was wanting to go bridleless.
Since I actually have to work for the next couple of days she will be just hanging out.  Maybe without me picking at her  for 4 hours a day she can see about getting that gut fuller.


C said...

big progress!

Crystal said...

Wow thats big! Yay!

aurora said...

Wow, awesome progress with your pretty girl!! Love the pictures with you two together. Would be great to see that mane flowing someday! Can you imagine it, I can!! With windy turnout, our active mare gets her fine long mane in a hopeless tangled knotted mess. The only thing that works well on it is gel detangler. The brand we have is thicker then most, and a bit messy (we rub it in our hands & then work through the mane with fingers first) but the knots come out like butter. I'll post the brand later.

aurora said...

The gel brand we use is Vetrolin, thought it was a unique brand. Guess not, regardless it works well for us.

Mrs Shoes said...

I've had to deal with dreadlocks like Sweetwaters' once (only once, thank goodness) & it took a lot of patience & gentle combing out (that Vetrolin sounds like a pretty good aid though).
I wonder if (considering the horse) it might not be better to just cut the mane off rather than fuss with it. By the time you have to present her, the mane will likely be grown out to the length that a lot of show horses have.

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