Monday, May 9, 2016

Sweetwater Day 9

When I went down to the barn this morning I found Sweetwater like this. 
 Notice anything missing?
I almost cried.  How on earth am I ever going to get a halter back on her?  J has suggested a dart gun.  I'm sure a cc of Dormosedan would do the trick.  But this evening she seemed so much calmer with the rope and letting me get closer to her head that I have a little hope back.   I was wanting this to be more up beat because Saturday evening,  after having drug the rope around Friday night and working with her 2 hours Saturday morning, we had such a successful session Saturday evening.  She was no longer bolting and pulling the rope out of my hand, lounging both directions bending toward me, and yielding her hind quarters, sort of.
She has even sniffed me a time or two and walks places instead of head up trotting hard.
 And I had some wonderful company on Mother's Day.  They all went with me to the barn to see Sweetwater.
The horse girls E watched from the barn and V stayed on the other side of the fence, but non horsey Mike braved the lot and actually got pretty close.  


aurora said...

I have no doubt you will get the halter back on soon, without evasive measures. After watching your videos, I saw a horse that is really trying hard for you. You have a nice quiet steady approach with Sweetwater, and it's working. She really likes you :)

Crystal said...

I think you are getting huge progress. Seems slow but really for a wild horse a week ago to letting a stranger get that close is really showing how much work you have spent with her. You will get there

C said...

Looks like you have made real progress. The halter coming off - that is really tough.

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