Monday, May 30, 2016

Sweetwater End of First Month and Other Things

We have had a busy Memorial Day weekend. 
Friday morning started off bright and early with Otoelene helping to gather cattle to work.
J decided to work the cows in smaller groups this year which has worked out well since Sweetwater is still in the cattle barn.
Otoelene was a dream to ride as usual.
The trainer I had contacted still has not picked up Wrangler after 3 weeks so I am having second thoughts about sending Wrangler to him.  His actions so far have been pretty unprofessional.  In the mean time, we are still doing some painting.
Then our saddle club met at a local campground for some camping and trail riding.  Friday evening we went on a short 1 hour ride from which Otoelene came back limping.  
Brother was a bit of a handful for J and he did a lot of weaving and circling around me to try to slow him down.  
There were 48 trailers and the campgrounds (6 from our club, the rest from out of state).  The location is made for about 15.  
J talked me into riding Brother Saturday since Otoelene was lame.  Once again, he was a handful.  He just doesn't like to be boxed in between slower horses. He did much better when I got him near the front behind the 2 TWHs.  He had no problem keeping up with them.  
With that grin maybe I shouldn't have left J back at camp.
Today, Otoelene is on Bute for pain, trim/sulfa (antibiotic) and an icthamol poultice (a drawing agent).  The farrier is coming tomorrow to pull her shoe to see if there is an abscess.  
Sweetwater is still making slow but steady progress.  Saddling has proven easier than unsaddling.  I wish she would just hold still while I unhook the girth and move to the other side instead of jumping sideways and dumping the saddle off.  She is doing so much better with the fence work.  Next, I need to start driving her to work on steering some before someone gets on for real.  I might see if I can find a brave/foolish young man to sit up there first.  
And today was the first day I turned her loose in the arena to graze on her own.  I've been worried that I wouldn't be able to recapture her so I did leave a lead rope dragging.  She didn't seem to mind the rope as long as it allowed her to eat all that grass.  And it was no problem just getting the end of the rope when it was time to go back to the barn.

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aurora said...

I wouldn't let Wrangler go to that trainer either, that is pathetic and no doubt a reflection of how he'll treat the horse. Truly hope you can find him a better home! Such great progress with Sweetwater!! Don't blame you for wanting someone else to do that first ride, but since her trust is built with you the outcome will likely be different. Most mustangs are one people horses, especially in the beginning. Might be counterproductive? Good luck either way, from the video it sure looks like she is close to ready. Love the picture of her grazing on her own!

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