Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Last Days

Wrangler has been for sale for some time now.  Due to two bad abscesses last fall selling has been on hold.  The last time I had his shoes reset, everything was looking good so I readvertised him.  
Someone that had called about him last year called again, came and looked at him and wanted him.  Unfortunately, the day he came to look, Wrangler's hoof looked terrible.  The abscess had grown out to just above the shoe nails, the crack widened and the hoof was weak and the shoe loose.  But guess what?? The buyer's  son is a farrier.  
So, despite loosing the shoe and most of the hoof wall and now being lame again, he still wants him.  So he is scheduled to leave on Friday morning. 
This afternoon we spent some time painting.  
I have one piece of paper left.  I have a stock of over 30 paintings so I'll still have plenty for ebay and donations.  Keeping my fingers crossed for Friday.


Virginia Reasor said...

Wow! A miracle they still wanted him after the bad hoof condition.
It seems like wrangler knows when he is about to leave.

Crystal said...

Oh ya! Hope it all works out

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