Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sweetwater, 100 first attempts

I thought I had desensitized her to about everything I could and now was the time to get on.  J didn't film the first attempt but it was about identical to this second one. 
This was followed by 98 more attempts with lots of circling until she would stand still again.  I never got on but she did start standing still for me to get close to this position in the stirrups from both sides. Every step has been a struggle with this horse, she gives up nothing voluntarily.  I've worked multiple times off a fence over top of her, with and without the saddle, even sitting all the way on her, but this was a slightly new position which apparently  required her usual over reaction. We may end up in Lexington with a very well ground trained horse that someone else can take and ride.


Mrs Shoes said...

Can hear J's frustrated sigh there at the end when she decides it's a no-go for the moment... understandable.
I give you mad props for sticking with it & giving it all you can. While her progress may be slower than some others, you're doing right by her. It may be that Sweetwater is one who takes longer to train but who ends up being the most solid of horses because of the patience & time you've taken with her.
You should feel GOOD about it.
Mad props, Girl.

C said...

Yikes! Yikes! Yikes! Let someone else do that. This horse is not going to accept any change easily - I don't want you to get hurt.

aurora said...

She definitely has sensitive wiring. She can't help that any more then you or I can help how we are "wired". You continue doing a commendable job with Sweetwater, and no one will fault you if you chose not to ride. Showcasing her strengths will help her the most. I hope you'll do a reflection post when the competition is over, Sweetwater has likely taught you more then you think.

Ruth said...

She definitely is a challenging one!! Stick at it. You'll be rewarded in the end.

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