Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sweetwater Day 57

Sweetwater is out in the open.
A free horse. 
Well, sort of.  She is now out in a lager field anyway.  She has been coming to the barn when I go down there and has been no problem to catch, so far.  She seems to really like routine.  She accepts things better when I do the same thing, the same way every time.
Some one asked if I had tried saddle bags on her.  After I thought about it I decided that was a good idea.  I could put the saddle bags across the saddle like a rider.  She accepted the bags very fast.  
Then I put in 50 pounds of sand. 
She tensed up a little to start with but even trotted with the weight bouncing and shifting around without over reacting.  
I've started back with the snaffle bit again.  She will hold in quietly in her mouth until I attach the drive lines then it is chewing, head shaking and rubbing.  She finally settled down to it after about 15 minutes.
Can you tell I gave her a bath. 
I guess she still has a wild side.


aurora said...

Sweetwater looks SO happy out there in that huge pasture - love it!! Sand bags sound like a great idea to get her used to carrying weight.

Mrs Shoes said...

I love watching a good roll, & hearing some good grunting to know how much they're enjoying it!

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