Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sweetwater Week 8

We are continuing to work on calmness.  Maybe I'm overdoing it and she probably won't go when I do get on but I'd rather have than than the bolting. 
She was calm enough bareback at the fence that she even started cocking her leg.  
Since the trailer was still out from the horse show I decided to work on that some. The first day she was so scared of it being in a different place she wouldn't even go past it.  
I only asked for her front feet to start with.  We did this several times, stood for a bit then backed off.  She was very calm.  
Then I worked with the bridge, standing and backing off.  Hopefully, when I ask her all the way on the trailer I will be able to get her to back off calmly.
I also finally got her to canter an entire circle for the first time.  And she is no longer running off when I get in position to get on like she did in the video 10 days ago.
Then we were doing so well yesterday, I had her trotting while leading, stopped and asked her to yield her hind end then front end.  She still gets bracey over the front end but does it.  Then she charged at me with a light "squeal" and nipped at me.  I backed her around the barn and she was fine again after that.  I really thought we were over that kind of thing but I guess not.  She definitely does things on her own time schedule.


C said...

Good progress.

C said...

I saw your sold listing on Wrangler - I guess that means things went well last Friday

aurora said...

It's a good thing to continue working on calmness, such valuable lessons!!

fernvalley01 said...

Congrats on selling Wrangler! I think you and Sweetwater have come a long way! great work

Mrs Shoes said...

OMG - I am SO a sucker for tiny little snips on the nose. #Kissable.

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