Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sweetwater Week Six

Still haven't gotten on because every time I think I might I add something new that she then reacts to so the lesson is spent with the new thing.  Most recently, it was the reins going around her neck instead of through the stirrups like driving.  Around her neck was something new that she then had to get use to with lots of flexing.  
I also introduced her to Otoelene for the first time and ponied her around.  Have I mentioned how wonderful Otoelene is? 
Ignore the poor rope management at the end, could have been a wreck. 
Then after we mastered ponying inside, we went outside. 
 J has been walking up and rubbing her more and she is accepting of him.
She doesn't care too much for the bit.  I've let her just carry it for a couple of days but then yesterday I used it to drive her with instead of hooking the reins to the halter.  She fought with it most of the time, rubbing her head on her leg, pawing, pulling the opposite way from how I was pulling. but she finally gave in and did fine.  
Then she even got curious about other things in the barn.  Is painting in her future?


Crystal said...

Been a while since I been here missed out on a lot of stuff going on wow! She really is coming along good job

Mrs Shoes said...

You're doing great work for lucky Sweetwater; & she's looking so good!

My ponying days are in the past; due to a torn rotator cuff any kind of torque on that shoulder is really painful. Mr Shoes will sometimes pony the odd time when we ride out. Now that I think about it, I've never even taken a photo of him ponying a flashy liver chestnut from his gleaming black mare... better put that on my 'to do' list.

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