Saturday, July 30, 2016

100 Mile Yard Sale and a Bear

This is the weekend for the 100 mile long yard sale.  Last year we participated by selling.  This year we tried shopping. 
V was looking for things for her new house.  All that she managed to find were 2 shirts at our neighbor's house.  I decided that the stuff everyone else was selling was worse than what I wanted to get rid of so I had no trouble not buying anything. 
The fire station was selling hot dogs so J treated us to lunch there for a good cause.  Then we quit and came home.
Now for the bear. 
Tuesday J saw a bear in the area he refers to as "the gorge".  The was on top of the hill and the bear was down here near the creek.  We rode Brother and Otoelene through here this morning before the yard sale.  I said I would like to set up the trail cam to see if we could catch the bear. 
So this afternoon we went on a hike to the gorge. 
We found several things that we interpreted to be bear signs.  This log was rolled out. 
We imagined that these were claw marks.  
I'm pretty sure that this is a large track of some sort. 
And this log was torn up.  
Deciding that this was a good place we crossed Chaney Branch to set up the trail cam at a path between the fence and creek. 

V made the final inspection and turned it on.  Now we will wait a few days then see what we caught.

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Crystal said...

Ooh a bear! I like bears, but not sure Id want one that close to home

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