Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blackberries By The Gallon

For Mother's Day a couple of years ago V and E gave me some blackberry vines.  Through a little self propagation they have turned into a blackberry hedge.  
This year I have tons of blackberries. 
The season got off to a rocky start with the Japanese beetles started devouring the leaves and all the stores were out of traps.  I persisted in my hunt and finally found some traps and have since disposed of 8 bags of beetles. 
Now I have 4 quarts of syrup packed blackberries,
seven pints of blackberry jam, (which technically is a thick syrup seeing as how it didn't set up like the pectinless recipe said it would)

  • a fresh blackberry pie and more berries in the fridge and on the vine.  E has made a cobbler and a crumble.  And I have given a gallon away to J's family.  Any more suggestions?


Virginia Reasor said...

I want some

The JR said...

lay the washed dry berries out on a sheet tray and freeze them. after frozen pack them into vacuum seal bags. You can use them later in your cobblers, pies and crumbles.

how did you prepare the ones in the 1st jars?

Ian H said...

Yes! Me, me, me. I'd like them in a pie though. :-}

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