Saturday, July 23, 2016

Water Problem - Solved

For some time now we have been noticing that our well pump has been kicking on at odd times when we aren't using any water.  At first we were attributing it to all the leaky faucets, or toilets,  or the ice maker.  Then one day I had to go under the house for something so I inspected the pipes there.  Low and behold I found another leak.  The plumber came out and both the hot and cold copper pipes to the guest bath sink had pin holes.  So we now have a new hole in the wall but worse crisis averted.  
However, the pump problem persisted and got worse.  At night I could here it clicking on every 15 - 30 minutes. 
 Then yesterday, as I was walking through our drought stricken yard, I noticed some very green, lush grass.  A few more steps and I was back on the crackling brown grass.  I turned back around and saw the puddle around the well.
 So the hole was begun.  We ran into lots of roots that J kept blaming for the problem.
 We ran into a big yellow jacket nest.  Thankfully, no stings.
 We got out lots of tools.
And finally found the leak in yet another copper pipe.
That's a pretty good size hole to have poring water out.
When I put the flower bed in around the well J warned me that if we ever had well  problems it would have to be dug up.  I said I was fine with that but that was when I was 15 years younger.  My back is already hurting just thinking about rearranging those rocks for the wall. 
Anyone want to come help?


Alica said...

What a pain, to have to replace those pipes, but glad you found the leak! I hope you have a place to recycle that copper! We've gradually had to replace our old copper pipes (darn pinholes!) and have been able to turn them in for some nice cash! :)

Mrs Shoes said...

Lucky thing that you were so proactive! I dread any kind of problem related to the well or the septic system.

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