Friday, August 19, 2016

Cattle Gathering 101

Today J had us scheduled to work our calves that will be heading out to the feedlot next month.  But the first order of business is to get them all up.  
These Hereford crossed steers that J purchased last month were pretty easy.   Their feed troughs are just out from the barn lot so all that I had to do was hide while J towed them in with a bag of feed.
The next group wasn't much harder, just further away.   J has been feeding them by hauling the feed sacks on the 4-wheeler so they usually come when the 4-wheeler is driven into the field.
Then they followed us on to the gate to the next field. 
There is always one or two that are very interested in Emma.  She usually distracts them and they end up going the wrong way.  But this time they just followed her too.  (she was not injured during this exchange)
They all filed through the gate into the temporary lane J had set up. 
And then there is the one you have to wait on. 
With all of J's good prep work it was easy getting them headed to the barn.  Then it was filing through the chute one at a time for 3 shots then back out to pasture, done!

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Mrs Shoes said...

My horses all come running when they hear the quad coming into the pasture too, even though we only haul hay in the winter they remain ever hopeful. :-)

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