Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sweetwater, Getting Ready

After several calls to the Mustang Foundation, I finally have approval for a Thursday morning arrival.
I've been very busy trying to get Sweetwater and all of her stuff ready.  Her freeze brand had to be clipped. She was great with the clippers.  Her tail needed combing again, and again.  I've bathed her 3 times and she rolls as soon as I let her loose.  I will have to say she is excellent to bathe.  She just ground ties and doesn't move a step.  Over the last couple of weeks she has not shown any aggression.  No charging or head tossing at me.  I am also getting some stall decorations prepared.

I'm going to be using the above ones to show her training process.
And these before and afters will go on her stall sign.  I did find out there is another one named Sweetwater. But apparently the other one was a dream to work with and the guy is roping off of her so no confusion there.
J pulled the trailer out Monday and I've been practicing loading and unloading.  She is doing it very calmly - at home anyway.  I decided to just take her on the stock trailer and have her loose in the front half the same way she came here.  I have revamped my goals for this project several times and now I am down to
1- Don't get hurt
2- Don't let horse get hurt.
3- Don't hurt anyone else.
These goals will not get revamped.


aurora said...

Sweetwater looks magnificent! I sincerely hope she finds a good forever home. Someone who can build on all the wonderful things you've taught her. Will you be showing her in-hand? I can't wait to hear how things turn-out for this beautiful girl. You should be proud of both of you. Are you? Once it's all over, perhaps reflect on the journey. I think paths are crossed for a reason. She likely taught you something you needed. You certainly taught her things she needed! I've enjoyed following this series, thanks for sharing.

Virginia Reasor said...

looking forward to seeing her saturday

Crystal said...

She sure looks better and I think those goals should be there everyday for all of us and not changed. Its too bad she didn't come around as quickly as hoped but you put a lot of hours into her and got her so much better ready for someone else now.

C said...

I agree with your goals! You have done a magnificent job. I hope all goes well.

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