Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sweetwater, Trail Class and Sale

So here is the video of the trail class.
I really think the stranger that I asked to film did a great job.  The pattern called for leading in and across the first 2 poles, then mounting to do the rest until the end then get off and lead out.  So the 2 leading parts are where I got my 3 points. 
As I said yesterday, J showed back up on Saturday.  What a life saver. 
And beautiful V joined us Saturday afternoon, so my cheering section doubled. 
This is where I spent most of my free time, out on the hill letting Sweetwater graze.  
Then on Saturday afternoon they tell us that those of us not in the top 10 still have to come back into the arena in between the top 10 freestyle performances.   That meant I wasn't going to be able to see any of the freestyles because I would be having to hold Sweetwater. I keep hoping to see some of them on YouTube.  It is suppose to be the highlight of the competition and I missed it all.  Last came the auction.  We were all in the arena and went up one at a time while the announcer talked a little about our horse.  I don't think he could have insulted me more if he had tried.  He said, "this horse was used this morning in the colt starting demo by our wonderful Mr. Magic trainer.  She was so skittish but he had her calmed down in just 6 minutes!"  Well, I lost it.  I started yelling at him, "ya, he fixed everything in six minutes, it had nothing to do with all the work I put in in the last 4 months."  It was incredibly humiliating.
She ended up selling for the minimum of $200, to a women that really seemed to know what she was getting into.  She had stopped by our stall earlier and was not intimidated to go in.  She commented on what a difficult horse she was.  They had watched the trail class and said at the time what a difficult horse she was.  They said that the grey horse you could stand up on was nice but boring.  They wanted a challenge.  So she went in the stall, haltered her and lead her right on to the trailer and off she went.
One of the other horses didn't even get a bid and came back through at the end and went for $200.  One other brought $200 and 4  went for $300.  The high seller was $6000.  12 went over $1000, anywhere from $1300 to 6000.  Seven went back home with the trainer.
More thoughts tomorrow.


C said...

You had a tough go at the series of laid out poles but the rest of the trail class seemed to go pretty smoothly.

Concerning the announcer's comments - I am insulted for you. How dare that announcer give credit to mr magic. Puke puke puke. That is completely insulting. Puke.

I think it is great that Sweetwater sold and I'm glad the purchaser understands what she is getting. I'm sure you are happy about that.

Nice job!

I'm sorry you missed out on the freestyles. Glad you had such good help. I'm also glad you were able to get someone to film the trail class for you.

aurora said...

Wow, you did a phenomenal job with Sweetwater!!! Congrats! Just being in that arena/show environment can be challenging. You handled her so well on the trail course, she listened & tried for you. You should be so proud of yourself, it takes a lot of - I don't know, everything - to do what you did! You invested yourself, sooo much time (and money) to give that horse the best start anyone could. It sounds like she went to a new home that understands her. I truly hope they give Sweetwater the chance she deserves. Just like you did. Sorry you encountered such rudeness, some people just don't know better. Sigh. I heard them still calling you a Veteran for an occupation on the trail video...but listen to the other comments. From the crowd. The people that matter get it. I just love that picture of Sweetwater grazing on the hill!! Speaks volumes.

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