Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What's Blooming During the Drought

Until today, we have had 0.1 inches of rain for the last month.  Today it rained 1.2 inches!  Yea!
We built our barn 5 years ago and this horse nettle is growing in it at least 40 feet from any outside wall.  This is one hardy plant that doesn't seemed bothered by it's location or lack of water. 
The zinnia are thriving.  I think they may do better in the dry so the powdery mildew doesn't affect them as much. 
Got to love the pink ones. 

Here is a spindly orange bloom. 
And then this one just looks like a crazy sea anemone. 
And the Queen Anne's Lace is thriving. 
The only problem is that it is in the middle of the drought stricken yard.  J hasn't been mowing the grass since it is so dry.  At least there are pretty flowers. 
And apparently I forgot to water my potted Alberta Spruce during some critical period.  I have had it for several years but it is dead as a doorknob now. 


Alica said...

Oh my...I wish I could share some of our rain with you! Hopefully that inch + will help green things up, and you'll get more soon!

Crystal said...

Hmm we must have stolen all your rain, apperently our July is the wettest its been here since 1927. I like dry better although the green is nice

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