Sunday, October 2, 2016

Estate Sale Score

I have been trying to find some mid century modern furniture for some time now.  There just isn't any to be had in southwest Virginia.  There is an abundance of primitive furniture but not a stick of mid century modern.  Whenever I look on Craig's list there is nothing here but tons in Asheville, NC.  So when I went to my continuing education meeting there this weekend, I was on the hunt for some good deals. 
Imagine my joy when my sister sent me a picture of these pieces she saw at an estate sale she went to while I was in my class.  The sale was over by the time I got out but after some phone calls the owner agreed to meet us the next day. And the other great part was that they both fit in my car. 
 The owner said that an architect friend of his had bought the pieces new in the 60's when he opened his office.  He then bought them when his friend retired.  They are made by Drexel and in their Parallel line of furniture.
There was some hideous contact paper in the drawers, but when I peeled it out the drawer interiors were in perfect shape.   A little more cleaning and a new coat of polyurethane and they will be ready to find a spot in my house.

1 comment:

C said...

They do look great. I hope you enjoy them.

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