Sunday, October 30, 2016

Two More Sales

Friday J and I attended the Hokie Harvest Sale at Virginia Tech.  E is taking the marketing class and was involved with the sale, we were interested in the horses that were selling and there was Block and Bridle barbecue.  Who could say no to all that. 
 The horses were there but the auction was over the internet.  The one we were interested in went for $2550, a little more than we wanted to pay for a yearling.   The range for the 5 was $1300 to $3600.
 E did a good job manning her station.
 J checked out the cattle prior to the sale.
There was a capacity crowd but prices were way off from last year.  All lots together averaged about $2500.   We came home empty handed again.

Then J went to a local Angus sale the next day.  He was very disappointed with the quality that they were selling so strike three.

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