Monday, January 23, 2017

Blue Sky Then Rain

J and I were doing the evening chores yesterday in anticipation of the rain storm that was being  predicted.  
 Otoelene was standing in the perfect spot for a photo op.  You can't beat the blue sky.  Then it started raining, over an inch by this morning.
 I've been seeing these turkeys for a few days but never had my camera ready.  I didn't today either.  I had to run back inside to get it.
 They wouldn't all fit in one picture from my angle but I have been counting around 50.
It is impossible to feed cattle here without creating a mud hole.  J has been particularly irritated with the mud this year.  This morning he said, "If any more women want to march they can just come here and try to walk through this."  Did I mention he was irritated?


Ruth said...

That first photo is so pretty!! Mud can be so frustrating!!

Mrs Shoes said...

Ugh, mud... pretty sure I'm going to be in for more of that.
In this short time of owning cattle, my biggest complaint is that they create so. much. MESS. I can't wait for Spring to see just how much worse it can get when the rains come & the temperatures rise. *sarcastic*

Crystal said...

Haha funny about the marchers! I hate mud too!

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