Saturday, January 28, 2017

Cheap Wall Art

Several years ago I got some  1950's Life magazines from my Grandmother's estate.
 Looking though them I found these fun Jello ads, "When I'm eating Jello I wish I were..."
 Unfortunately, over time they have faded quite a bit from their former glory.  I thought about going through the magazines and getting other ads but then I know those will just fade too.
 Enter the 1953 Deko wall paper book with "Non-Fading Colors"!  This was also at my grandmothers house.  She kept it out in the wood shed and I remember looking through it at admiring all the patterns and colors.   She had always said that we would use it for some project but that never seemed to happen.  I drug it out of the garage today and picked out 8 samples and reused the same Jello frames.
 The colors are much bolder than the faded Jello ads.
 They really brighten up the stairway.
 J said the cowboy was his favorite.
Luckily there was a hunt scene to balance it out.

 I was hoping for some mid century modern patterns but only found mid century, no modern.  I think this would have made Grandma happy.


C said...

These are just so cool. The Jello Ads were cool too (and a great decorating idea)- but clearly have faded.

Mrs Shoes said...

Clever idea turns chicly decorative.

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