Monday, January 9, 2017

Extra Work

This cold spell has created a few extra chores around here. 
 First off, the water keeps freezing.  Yesterday J had to take a post and break it.
 The calves ate their hay into an interesting pattern that needed pushing over so they could reach it again.
 We had a sick steer this morning that needed to be treated.
And the round bale J set out for the horses was in a pile that needed spreading out.  At least the goats could enjoy it then.


Mrs Shoes said...

If I were to set out a bale for free feeding, my 3 horses would stand there until they literally popped. No joke.
Bitter cold is kinda the norm for this time of year in this part of the Great White North; so I feel your pain. We go out 3x a day to feed the animals; & the horses are pretty pissy that they see the cattle can eat whenever they want.

Crystal said...

I hate winter. Makes everything harder

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